“We cannot let culture supercede religion, If we stay away from the teachings of Islam, we will pay for it.” -Sheikh Alaa Elsayed

Tol·er·ance: a fair, objective, and permissive attitude toward those whose opinions, practices, race, religion, nationality, etc., differ from one’s own; freedom from bigotry.

Prej·u·dice: an unfavorable opinion or feeling formed beforehand or without knowledge, thought, or reason.

Anyone who doubts that a clash of cultures between Western Civilization and Islam is inevitable will find it hard to explain why we as a society should “tolerate” and allow the free existence of such teachings as these within our midst. The following stories are, unfortunately, true.

A Mississauga, Ontario man will be formally charged on Tuesday with murder in connection with the death of his 16-year-old daughter. The girl, Aqsa Parvez, was in critical condition on Monday after being strangled, apparently after a dispute with her family over her refusal to wear the hijab, the Islamic headscarf worn by some Muslim women. However Peel Regional Police said Tuesday the girl died late Monday night.

Police arrested the victim’s 57-year-old father, Muhammad Parvez on Monday morning after receiving a 911 call from a Mississauga home from a man saying he had killed his daughter. He is due to appear on Tuesday in a Brampton, Ontario court. The victim’s 26-year-old brother, Waqas Parvez, was also charged with obstructing police.

Friends of the teenager, a Grade 11 student at Applewood Heights high school, said Monday they were shocked by the attack on the outgoing, likeable girl, but said she had been threatened by her strictly religious family before.

Ebonie Mitchell, 16, a friend of the victim, said the conflict with her father over wearing Islamic dress came to a head at the beginning of this school year. “She just wanted to dress like we do,” she said. “Last year, she wore like the Islamic stuff and everything, the hijab, and this year she’s all western. She just wanted to look like everyone else.”

This would be a tragic event if only it wasn’t so predictable. This kind of thing is not uncommon in Islamic countries where discipline of this sort is EXPECTED from the parents of “rebellious” and “disobedient” children. Often it is seen as a matter of restoring “honor” to a family that perceives itself to have been slighted by the child’s behavior, hence the name “honor killing.” However seeing this behavior within the confines of a Western country should be cause for alarm for here is a clear case of Islamic immigrants so devoted to NOT assimilating into our culture as to allow themselves to perpetrate such a vile act in clear sight of everyone and with an indignant sense of entitlement and pro-piety!

At a news conference at the Islamic Society of North America Canada headquarters in Mississauga, held three days after the strangling death of 16-year-old Aqsa Parvez, Sheikh Alaa Elsayed said “We cannot let culture supercede religion, If we stay away from the teachings of Islam, we will pay for it.”

Naturally Islam apologists C.A.I.R. were quick to try to claim it is not an Islamic problem but instead is a typical teenage situation:

“There should be zero tolerance for violence of any kind against women or girls,” said Shahina Siddiqui, the president of the Islamic Social Services Association. “The strangulation death of Ms. Parvez was the result of domestic violence, a problem that cuts across Canadian society and is blind to colour or creed. We call for the strongest possible prosecution of Ms. Parvez’s alleged attacker,”– Faisal Kutty, the legal counsel for the Canadian Council on American-Islamic Relations.

Unfortunately it is Islam that is not “blind to color or creed.” Islam is, and has always been, INTOLERANT to all non Muslims! CAIR-CANADA’s Sameer Zuberi had this add:

“Teen rebellion is something that exists in all households in Canada and is not unique to any culture or background, Domestic violence is also not unique to Muslims.”

Teen rebellion? Domestic violence? Thats right, many parents kill their children over poor choices in clothing. If this were true there would probably be a massive murder spree here in the United States in order to quell the rise of the “sagging pants syndrome” that has been infesting our culture. And what parent hasn’t wanted to kill their child for getting an earring or a tattoo? It happens all the time…doesn’t it? It gets better! Muhammad Elmasry, President of the Canadian Islamic Congress had this to say about the murder.

“I don’t want the public to think that this is really an Islamic issue or an immigrant issue. It is a teenager issue.”

So it had nothing to do with Islam or Islamic immigrants…could’ve happened to anybody right? Damn teenagers! Somebody ought to…Oh, I guess he did. United Muslim Women of Canada’s Anisa Ali threw in with this statement:

“The public shouldn’t assume that honour killings only happen in the Muslim community. Honor killings are not limited to Islamic countries like Pakistan, Jordan, Syria and Afghanistan.”

Ahh, so what you are saying is that other people are doing it. We tend to not like the “everyone else is doing it so why can’t I” defense here in the civilized world. It kind of sounds like something a teenager would say. Unfortunately the teenager in this story is dead. I guess, however, it is true that such things don’t just happen in Islamic countries. Aqsa lived in Canada, certainly not an Islamic country, but one that is flawed by a desire to be perceived as tolerant of a profane religion called “Islam.” And how about this story from our friends in England, another non-Islamic country…at least not yet:

The daughter of a British Imam is living under police protection after receiving death threats from her father for converting to Christianity. The 31-year-old, whose father is the leader of a mosque in Lancashire, has moved house an astonishing 45 times after relatives pledged to hunt her down and kill her. The British-born university graduate, who uses the pseudonym Hannah for her own safety, said she renounced the Muslim faith to escape being forced into an arranged marriage when she was 16. She has been in hiding for more than a decade but called in police only a few months ago after receiving a text message from her brother. In it, he said he would not be held responsible for his actions if she failed to return to Islam. Officers have agreed to offer her protection in case of an attempt on her life.

Last night the woman said: “I’m determined to live my life the way I want to because I should have that freedom in this country. “If you make the choice to come to this country, as my parents did from Pakistan, you have to abide by the laws of this country and that means respecting the freedoms of other people. “I know the Koran says anyone who goes away from Islam should be killed as an apostate, so in some ways my family are following the Koran. They are following Islam to the word. “But I do not think every Muslim would act on that. “My situation is frightening, but I’m not going to let it frighten me to the extent I can’t live my life.

A study this year found that 36 per cent of British Muslims between 16 and 24 believe those who convert to another religion should be punished by death. In July an Iranian immigrant to Britain, who converted to Christianity, was saved from deportation after it emerged she would be stoned to death in her own country.

Apparently our Muslim friends have a problem with independent women and still desire to continue the time honored tradition of arranged marriages. Where, one may ask is the assimilation into British society? One thing Islam does not “tolerate” is apostasy from the faith. The only way out of Islam is through death. Doesn’t that sound familiar? Every street gang worth it’s salt has a blood in, blood out rule. So that pretty much puts Islam on an even keel with the Crips and the Bloods. Good company, huh?
And yet there is more! Everyone of these examples collected by the National Post occurred in non-Islamic Western countries!!

-Rajinder Singh Atwal stabbed his 17-year-old daughter, Amandeep, 17 times after he discovered she was dating a boy he disapproved of. Atwal was convicted of second-degree murder in British Columbia in March, 2005. He automatically received a life sentence of 25 years in prison.

-A devout Muslim’s strict religious beliefs drove him to murder his favourite daughter when he found her “secret” boyfriend in her bedroom, a jury in the U.K. heard in February, 2002, the Manchester Evening News reported. Faqir Mohammed, a father of 10 children, stabbed the 24-year-old student in the head after finding the man when he came home unexpectedly. His original target was the boyfriend, student Bilal Amin, but he escaped by jumping from the bedroom window. The father chased him, but when his daughter tried to stop him, he took hold of her and stabbed her repeatedly, reports stated. “According to the law it was not right, but according to religion it was right,” he told detectives.

-Hina Saleem, 21, was found buried in the backyard of her family’s home in Italy. Four men, including her father and uncle, were accused of premeditated murder and hiding the body, lawyer Carlo Bonardi was quoted as saying in an Associated Press story in August, 2006.
Ms. Saleem’s mother, Bushra Begun Saleem, told AP her daughter was disobedient — often out late without saying where she was or when she was coming home. She also said she did not forgive her husband for his alleged participation in the killing.

-A Kurdish immigrant in Sweden, who killed his daughter because he did not like her modern way of life, pleaded guilty to the murder in March, 2002. Rahmi Sahindal said he had not planned the killing but lost his temper when he came across his daughter, Fadime, while she was paying a secret visit to her mother and sisters in January. He gunned her down at point-blank range before their eyes. Fadime, 26, had fled the family home to escape from her father and other male relatives who did not want her to mix freely in Swedish society. Sahindal was trying to arrange a marriage for her in Turkey and threatened her when he found out she had been dating a Swedish man.

I bet you think such things can’t happen here in America? Well, think again my friends. One of the best of these ‘honor killings” happened right here in the United States. I say best because this one was caught on tape!

In November 1989 in St. Louis, the FBI inadvertently tape recorded the entire episode of a teenage girl’s being killed by her Palestinian father and Brazilian mother (the Feds were looking for evidence of terrorism, which they also found). In a ghastly eight-minute sequence, Zein Isa stabbed his daughter Palestina thirteen times with a butcher’s knife as his wife held the girl down and responded to Palestina’s pleas for help with a brutal “Shut up!” The killing ends with Zein screaming “Die! Die quickly! Die quickly! . . . Quiet, little one! Die, my daughter, die!” By this time, she is dead.

The jury deliberated more than four hours before asking for the death penalty against Zein Isa and his wife, Maria. The jurors had convicted them in the death of their daughter Tina, the father for stabbing her and the mother for holding her down. The girl’s screams and moans as she begged her parents not to kill her were captured by devices secretly planted in the apartment by Federal agents who were looking into possible illegal activities by Mr. Isa on behalf of the Palestine Liberation Organization. Instead of international intrigue, the tapes captured a sometimes chilling, sometimes heartbreaking family drama involving clashes of cultures – Mr. Isa was born in Palestine and his wife in Brazil – and the parents’ attempts to control their daughter who, it seems, wanted to be an American teen-ager.

The seven-minute tape of the killing, on which the father is heard shouting in Arabic “Die quickly!” in answer to his daughter’s cries, chilled the jury of seven women and five men and shocked court officials who thought they had seen and heard everything. “It’s worse than any movie, any film, anything I thought that I would ever hear in my life,” said Bob Craddick, an assistant prosecutor for seven years, who has heard the tape seven or eight times.

…On the night of her death, Tina’s parents express anger on the tape that she was at work, then seem not to believe that she was at work at all. Then Tina’s father says: “Here, listen, my dear daughter, do you know that this is the last day. Tonight, you’re going to die?”

Tina responds: “Huh?”

Zein Isa replies: “Do you know that you are going to die tonight?”

The girl’s mother asks her questions about items in her schoolbag. In the midst of her conversation with her mother, Tina begins to shriek in fear.

“Keep still, Tina!” says her father.

“Mother, please help me!”

“Huh? What do you mean?” the mother says.

“Help! Help!”

“What help?” the mother responds.

Tina screams, and Maria says: “Are you going to listen? Are you going to listen?”

Screaming louder, Tina gasps: “Yes! Yes! Yes, I am!” then coughs and adds, “No. Please!”

The mother says, “Shut up!”

Tina continues to cry, but her voice is unintelligible.

“Die! Die quickly! Die quickly!” the father says.The girl moans, seems to quiet, then screams one last time.

“Quiet, little one! Die my daughter, die!” the father says.

Tina was stabbed six times in the chest with a boning knife, which pierced her heart, one lung, and liver.

Now explain to me why we should “tolerate” Islam. Sure, all Muslims do not behave this way. But where are the ones condemning this practice? I guess they are being drowned out by the noise of all those Muslims condemning jihadist terrorism.

Are we guilty of prejudice if we choose not to tolerate this behavior, or the religion that encourages it, within our society? No, for we are not acting “without knowledge, thought, or reason.” We are acting with it! Also, we have plenty of indisputable evidence to back it up. Intolerance and prejudice are, in fact, embedded in Islam like a cancer. It has already destroyed them. It need not destroy us as well.

We cannot let culture super-cede religion, If we stay away from the teachings of Islam, we will pay for it.” -Sheikh Alaa Elsayed

“If we tolerate the teachings of Islam, WE will pay for it.” -Sidney Allen Johnson

Aqsa Parvez, killed by ISLAM!

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