Dead cat on the line – Something suspicious or ‘fishy’ is going on…

Where’s PETA? The Obama administration is massacring “proverbial” cats at a rate that can only be described as an abomination (Obamanation?). This administration will one day be looked upon with the same disdain currently reserved for the likes of William “Boss” Tweed and the corruption of Tammany Hall. In fact, Obama and his Chicago thugs are starting to make Tammany Hall look like the work of amateurs! The latest outrage from the “Corruptocrat in Chief” stems from the blatantly illegal firing of the AmeriCorps Inspector General. Yet another scandal is brewing that has the putrid odor of…a dead cat on the line.




There’s a dead cat on the line. I was first acquainted with this old adage in the early 90’s while living in Augusta, Georgia. Apparently it is an old expression referring to the likelihood that something, somewhere is wrong. Very wrong. I thought about this expression after Chrysler  (soon followed by General Motors) announced they would be closing down many of their dealerships. Since these are “franchise” operations that do not represent significant, if any,  expenses for the company, but instead represent streams of revenue, it seemed mighty strange that they would have a desire to close any of them. To the contrary, they should be encouraging as many of these businesses as possible to stay open since they represent the public face of the company during this economic downturn that has created such a malaise for the auto industry. Instead of putting the best face they can to the public, they have curiously chosen to do exactly the opposite and essentially lower their public profile. There certainly seems to be a dead cat on the line…and there is.