“I think that’s all fine and good but here’s what I think, in the next 47 days you can fire the whole trickle-down, on-your-own, look-the-other way crowd in Washington who has led us down this disastrous path. Don’t just get rid of one guy. Get rid of this administration, Get rid of this philosophy. Get rid of the do-nothing approach to our economic problem and put somebody in there who’s going to fight for you.” -Barack H. Obama

With the explosion of news coming out of the financial markets these days you could be led to believe the United States is on the verge of a massive economic collapse on par with the Great Depression. The stock market plunges 500 points one day on the news of AIG’s impending failure then rebounds 700 points the next two days. Markets in other countries have to be closed because they are rising too fast! All this on the news that the Federal Government is coming to the rescue with hundreds of billions of our dollars by assuming control of still more of the mortgage industry. Ahh, the smell of socialism comes to America and Wall Street rejoices. With the collapse of the mortgage industry, a lot of politicians are calling for heads to roll. Somebody should have said something…right? Somebody should have done something…right? Well my friends, somebody did say something and somebody did do something. Step inside a twisted tale Hollywood could have never imagined, yet most assuredly, will vote for…




Events surrounding the sub-prime mortgage loan crisis are getting out of hand. Both democrats and republicans are clamoring for an economic stimulus package to help stave off the recession that the media is joyously claiming is certain to befall our economy. A decapitated economy bodes well for democrats in the upcoming presidential elections. Yet this rare display of bipartisanship is nothing to celebrate or gloat over. The democrats, after all, have had control over congress for the last year. Voters just might link their influence to these results. The bloviating on this issue has reached ridiculous proportions as everyone is trying to shirk their responsibility for this mess. A mess that is both desirable and deserved.