In the world of shocking headlines this one comes as a real snoozer:

POLL: 1 in 5 thinks Obama is a Muslim

These results were derived from a Pew Research survey that was taken BEFORE the President stepped into the controversy over the Ground Zero Mosque in New York City. One can only assume that it would have been a lot higher had the survey been conducted after Obama unsurprisingly affirmed his support for the project.

A growing number of Americans now believe that Barack Obama is a Muslim while the number of people who believe he is a Christian is declining. Perhaps more impressively, a size-able segment of the public is unwilling to commit Obama’s religious conscience to any particular religion…at all!.

A new national survey by the Pew Research Center finds that nearly one-in-five Americans (18%) now say Obama is a Muslim, up from 11% in March 2009. Only about one-third of adults (34%) say Obama is a Christian, down sharply from 48% in 2009. Fully 43% say they do not know what Obama’s religion is. The survey was completed in early August, before Obama’s recent comments about the proposed construction of a mosque near the site of the former World Trade Center. -Pew Research Center

Obama  Religion Poll
Unsurprisingly, White House officials are expressing dismay over these results. Did you know that the president has an official “faith adviser?” Well he does. His name is Joshua Dubois and he apparently blames this state of affairs on “misinformation campaigns” by the president’s opponents.

“While the president has been diligent and personally committed to his own Christian faith, there’s certainly folks who are intent on spreading falsehoods about the president and his values and beliefs.” -Joshua Dubois

Dubois went on to claim that the president’s Christian faith plays an important part in his daily life. He referred to six speeches that the president has given in which he talks about those beliefs. However true it may be that the president has made references to some alleged allegiance to Christianity, the fact is that he has no one to blame but himself for the public’s refusal to perceive him as a Christian.

When Barack Obama became president, he promised to try and change the relationship between Islam and the West. He said his goal was to build bridges, lessen hostility, create trust, and generally reduce the volume level in the conversation between the two cultures. Shortly after becoming President he gave his first formal interview to to Al Arabiya. That was followed by the now infamous speech he gave to the Muslim world in Cairo. Obama’s speech was laced with references to the Qur’an and his own “Muslim roots.”

And just what are these “Muslim roots?” Obama’s grandfather was a Muslim. His father was raised a Muslim before becoming, by Obama’s account, “a confirmed atheist.” Obama’s stepfather was a Muslim. His half-sister Maya told the New York Times that her “whole family was Muslim.” Obama spent two years in a Muslim school in Indonesia and later, in a conversation with the New York Times, described the Arabic call to prayer “one of the prettiest sounds on Earth at sunset.” Given all that, it is entirely accurate and fair to describe Obama as having Muslim roots.

But it doesn’t end there. Since becoming president his policies have turned decidedly against Israel. His administration came out against Benjamin Netanyahu’s government after it announced a new expansion of a Jewish settlement in East Jerusalem. He likewise insists on dithering with the Iranians almost as though he WANTS to provide them the time necessary to develop an atomic weapon and, perhaps strangest of all, he instructed NASA chief, Charles Bolden, that NASA’s “foremost” mission is Muslim outreach. With all of this public affection being demonstrated toward the Islamic world, and yet again affirmed by his coming out in support of the controversial Ground Zero Mosque, is it any wonder that someone with his acknowledged “Muslim roots” might be perceived to be, in fact, a Muslim?

Strangely, some evangelicals have come out in defense of President Obama. Television pastor T.D. Jakes and Kirbyjon Caldwell, a spiritual adviser to George W. Bush, have released a letter condemning “misrepresentations” of President Obama’s faith.

“We are deeply troubled by the recent questioning of President Obama’s faith. We understand that these are contentious times, but the personal faith of our leaders should not be up for public debate. Obama has been unwavering in confessing Christ as Lord and has spoken often about the importance of his Christian faith. Many of the signees on this letter have prayed and worshipped with this President.  We believe that questioning, and especially misrepresenting, the faith of a confessing believer goes too far.”

Too far? Absolutely NOT! The fact that the president claims to be a Christian means absolutely nothing. No politician would dare to claim otherwise if he holds any serious ambition to be elected to high office. This letter, signed by more than 70 pastors and other Christian leaders, calls on the media and other public officials to offer “no further airtime” or attention to those who suggest Obama is a Muslim, not a Christian. That’s right, when in doubt shout down the opposition and tell them to shut up. Did you really expect this from supposedly Christian pastors? Now you can see, in the open, what I was referring to on the Babylon Mystery Orchestra record “The Great Apostasy: A Conspiracy Of Satanic Christianity.” Not every church with a cross hanging on it is a tool of God. These pastors have come to the defense of their Lord.

It amazes me how quickly some people will turn to a god when they can find his influence useful, likewise, this president’s religious convictions are merely a matter of political expediency. He joined Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s Trinity United Church not out of any appreciation for Christian ideology but for its political philosophy known as Black Liberation Theology.” This brand of “Satanic” Christianity teaches the lie of “collective” salvation among others. People like Obama who appreciate the redistributionist ideology of Marxism turn to such churches to get their ears “tickled.” Whereas true Christianity convicts the heart of sin, Liberation Theology justifies revenge for those who comfort themselves by claiming oppression. Does that sound like the Jesus of your Bible?

The most impressive information revealed in Pew Survey, however, is not the rising number of people who suspect the president is a Muslim. It is the number of people who say they do not know what religion claims the president’s true allegiance. These people, in their confusion, have actually arrived at the correct conclusion…”none of the above.” Apparently the American people can see that the president’s religious views are as flexible as any given situation requires of them.

This president is not a mystery. He often reveals his true religious convictions in such statements as this one made to a group of Rabbis in August of 2009:

“We are God’s partners in matters of life and death.” – President Barack Obama

Absolutely NO Christian could, would or should describe their relationship with God as a partnership. The president was, once again, trying to utilize religion as a tool to further his own agenda. In this case it was the monstrosity he called Health Care Reform. This is the kind of language used by someone with an ambition that knows no limits…and we have heard it before…

ISAIAH 14: 13-14 For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north: I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High.

Even as our president shows his impatience and contempt for the people who foolishly elected him, he has his sights set on something greater. He has already established a “partnership” with God. Obviously he perceives the presidency as a job that is undeserving of his unique talents. The penultimate narcissist has made it clear that he will not be bound by constitution or country.

“We are the ones we have been waiting for.” -Senator Barack H. Obama

Well what did we expect? He was at least honest with us. There is no need to waste time concerning ourselves with President Obama’s religious affiliations. People who are capable of saying “we are the ones we have been waiting for” find their gods in their mirrors.


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