There is an epidemic of arrogance in this country. I assure you this will not be about what you think it is. The foolish worship of the god of “self-esteem” has created a nation of people who literally have no clue of their true station in life. Americans, by and large, believe themselves, their opinions and their desires are actually important to others, particularly as that pertains to national and world affairs. The results of the last election attest to this presumption. Therefore I feel compelled in this small and insignificant space to take a stab at correcting some of this miss-perception. A “self-esteem” reduction, so to speak.

The source of the problem can be stated in one word… See, I told you it would not be about what you thought it would. The American people (and its government) are addicted to the illusory concept of spending capital (i.e. money) they don’t have, based on the estimate of future income they have yet to earn. This allows them to further the illusion of their own self importance by surrounding themselves with the accoutrements of a lifestyle greater than their true worth. You see the thin edge of this wedge all the time. Offers from credit card companies via mail, email, TV etc., offering you lines of credit with no preconditions or qualifiers. People in America are, at a younger and younger age, self imposing themselves with the burden of more debt than they can hope to repay in a lifetime. They are presented with the idea that this credit is in fact money and they, irresponsibly, feel compelled, even entitled, to spend it. The truth is, its not money, and because of it most of them never will have any true monetary worth in their lives. This phoney currency is every bit as addictive as any other “feel good” narcotic and just as much represents a lack of character and self control both as individuals and collectively as a society.

It is really quite simple to understand. In spite of the language that is used to mislead and further misguide the indebted, you do have a monetary value that can be placed on you. To be succinct: If you owe more than you have you are officially LESS THAN WORTHLESS! How is that for a self esteem buster? It matters not what you surround yourself with; If its not paid for…ITS NOT YOURS! I don’t care if you get lots of offers through the mail calling you a “homeowner.” If you have to send a check to the bank every month to keep living there then truthfully…ITS NOT YOUR HOUSE! If you don’t believe me then don’t make those payments and see how not only will you not be living there, but every legal instrument of government will be employed to depose you from the property that doesn’t belong to you. The same holds true for most Americans and their other precious status symbol: their car. If you are sending a payment to a finance company (fancy wording for lender), then likewise…ITS NOT YOUR CAR! More proof that its not your car comes with the insurance requirements. If you owned it you could decide how much insurance to carry on it. You don’t own it so the financier insists on enough coverage to cover HIS risk. They can even take your car in repossession, sell it, and force you to pay the difference in what they sold it for verses what you owed on it. Does that sound like car ownership? This doesn’t even take into consideration the fact that after years of making payments you may finally own it when its value has considerably depreciated, and after having paid enough interest to buy it twice. Interest is nothing more than an impatience fee. You could have saved your money and paid for it all in one day, but then you would have all those years not been seen riding around in your status symbol.

I know this type of thinking flies in the face of the materialism that has conquered the American consumer. Virtually every American is in debt to some degree. Savings in this country is at an all time low while spending is spiraling out of control. But it is the spending of money that does not currently exist and may very well never exist. The entire US economy is intoxicated on this illusion.

So why do we do this? Is it really that we as a people are truly so petty that we would rather be secretly (unsurprisingly most people don’t habitually make their finances public) in debt while putting out the illusion that we are something we truly are not. Do we need to think well of ourselves and to believe that others think well of us also? Apparently the American people are convinced this is the case. It is nothing but a facade that masks the truth that most Americans are worth less than nothing. Don’t let anyone’s “apparent” status in life fool you. People who live in big houses and drive nicer cars are no different than those living in mobile homes and driving beat up trucks. They are just as much in debt. If you have a title in your name like Dr. CPA, or CEO you are just considered a better credit risk with a bigger “potential” income so you are allowed to accrue greater debt. But if what they have is not worth more than they owe, they are still worth less than nothing. Debt is debt. If anything they are just bigger criminals. There is an irony in the fact that, though they live in poverty, people in third world countries are merely worthless. They are at least solvent in the sense that they are not in debt. Technically, they are worth more than their upscale living counterparts in America. Is it any wonder why the world seems to have such contempt for us?

I used a word in there…did you catch it? Criminal? There in lies the difference. It is something that has been applied to many facets of American life to “alter” our perception of things once considered bad, immoral or…criminal. Like many behaviors that in the past were considered bad or “immoral,” debt has had its stigma removed. Did you know that when this country started you could actually be thrown in jail for failure to pay debt? There were such things as debtors prisons and many people who initially came to America were escaping their debt. That might seem to explain a lot. The concept of perpetual debt as we know it today did not exist. If you owed you paid. Bankruptcy meant incarceration…or worse. Now borrowing against future (i.e. unearned) income is not only acceptable, its encouraged. Worse still, many of the people doing all this irresponsible borrowing and spending think nothing about filing for bankruptcy, defaulting on their creditors, and then have the audacity to start the cycle all over again! This is nothing more than stealing. Admittedly it becomes difficult to work up a lot of sympathy for the people and businesses making all this credit readily available. They act in many ways like a drug pusher preying upon an addict. Still, whatever became of the concept of living within your means?

It appears that true character has no real relevance in society anymore. In the past it was considered dishonorable to die owing money. Just dying financially solvent was taken as a sign of a life well lived as a person with strong character. Now death is just another opportunity to erase debt.

It reminds me of the example of the father of Confederate General Robert E. Lee. Henry Lee (Or Light Horse Harry as he was affectionately known) was a revolutionary war hero. An outstanding cavalry officer who won the praise and admiration of General George Washington himself. It was he, who at Washington’s funeral, coined the famous phrase “First in war, first in peace and first in the hearts of his countrymen” to describe the nation’s first president. He would also be a member of the Continental Congress and governor of the state of Virginia. You would think this is a man to be held in high esteem, but what did his wife and future Gen. Robert E. Lee’s mother consider him…a bad influence. Why? Because when young Robert was just a child, his father was carried off to a debtor’s prison in Montross. It led to her bringing her young son up with a very strict philosophy of life. She was thoroughly embarrassed by the dishonor her husband brought on the family. In spite of all his previous accomplishments. Oh, how the times have changed. This certainly is not the attitude of anyone alive today now is it?

Is this all some great conspiracy perpetrated against us? I do seem to look for that a lot don’t I? And for good reason. Who could be behind such a thing? Or is this merely a reflection of the erosion of character in our instantaneous culture, where we feel entitled to have things we have not yet earned? The truth is, both are correct. Societies that become more tolerant (code word for the obscene word…liberal) of once ostracized and persecuted behaviors soon become as economically and politically insolvent as they are morally compromised. A democratic form of government’s supreme weakness is a population of sub groups that cast their votes for their own comfort, convenience and self interests over that which is best for the nation as a whole. In other words, Irresponsibility becomes the national identity. The November 2006 election is a perfect example this.

Those who look to the Bible should easily see where this leads. The the Bible lays out the entire history of the angelic conspiracy against mankind from the very beginning of the earth.

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” Ephesians 6:12.

Earthly behavior is a reflection of the current state of the ongoing conspiracy against mankind. One that which almost everyone is either a willing or unwilling participant. Forget about the “moral decay” aspect of it, I am talking about that great final financial transaction between the public and…the ANTICHRIST! Yes, those of you who are in debt and are currently worth less than nothing are already OWNED by him. Whether or not the great beast of Biblical prophecy is even aware of his own destiny or not, the transaction that will give him power over you has already occurred. History has shown that those who owe are in fact those who are owned and you have already handed over control of your future to those who hold your debts. You have NO say in the matter. You never even noticed when it happened did you? They don’t call our favorite rebel angel the devil for nothing.

If you think you can or will reject him just remember he owns everything for which you are indebted. ALL of it. It was never yours. You haven’t paid for it yet. So when he tells you that currency as we know it will be discontinued in favor of a new one…you will go along. For everyone worth less than nothing, it is pretty much a done deal. For the worthless and true property owners there will still be much to struggle with when this new world economy clenches its talons, but you still have a lot more options. But also know, you will be the primary targets of any future persecution. And what about the truly rich and elite in this world? Well they are the ones behind all this. But that will have to wait for some future writeup on the infamous Illuminati.

The sad state of affairs is that the United States of America truly has the government it deserves. At only one time, during the administration of Andrew Jackson, has the United States EVER been debt free. The government, like its foolish citizens, is hiding behind an illusion. Trying to be all things to all people. Unfortunately the government, like most of the people who elected it, is worth less than nothing. Your house, your TV, your car and your government are already wholly owned by The Great Beast. Can you say “I’ll have a 666 with that?” Rest assured, you will do what he asks, when he asks. We already know the strength of your character. And know this: In the eyes of your master your opinion, your voice and your vote are all worth…less than nothing.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

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